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NWU welcomes 523 new students

NWU welcomes 523 new students

  • 439 first-year students gather on Taylor Commons
  • 439 first-year students gather on Taylor Commons

今年秋天, Nebraska Wesleyan University enrolls its third largest class in school history, welcoming 439 first year and 84 transfer students.

New first-year students hail from 23 states and 10 countries, representing 74 high schools in Nebraska. The number of international students is at a 10-year high, with 47 on campus this fall. Underrepresented students make up 30% of this class.

The university celebrates a record number of transfer students. These 84 students come from 21 states, five countries and 27% are from underrepresented groups. NWU’s strong scholarship partnership with Nebraska community colleges led to nearly half of transfer students coming from two-year institutions.

“总的来说, students and their families value and respect the highly personalized, challenging education that Nebraska Wesleyan provides,” said Bill Motzer, vice president for enrollment management. “They also know that Lincoln is a city of opportunity with more access to internships and jobs…which ultimately leads to career success.”

Other NWU news for the 2023-2024 academic year:

新专业: NWU增加了 public health major to address the growing need to prevent illness and promote healthy lifestyles in individuals, communities, and society as a whole. 去年, NWU added additional high-demand degrees in financial planning, digital marketing, data analytics and project management.

Graduate programs: NWU’s Master of Business Administration moved fully online this fall, exceeding enrollment goals. MBA, Master of Athletic Training and Master of Social Work are all designed to allow undergraduates to transition straight into their master’s degree and complete it within one additional year.

NWU offers these popular graduate programs:

Athletic Success: NWU is 12th in the nation in NCAA Academic All-Americans among all divisions, and 7th in NCAA post graduate scholars. This past year, two more NWU students earned NCAA postgraduate scholarships.

“Nebraska Wesleyan is experiencing great momentum,” said President Darrin Good. “From a large class of new students to a new campus green space to renovations in Elder 剧院 Center to breaking ground on new softball and baseball fields, we’re in an excellent position to thrive well into the future.”